South Fountain Valley Real Estate Update Nov 2018

Time to Reflect and be Thankful

With the wonderful holidays right around the corner, let us take stock for all that we have this past year: family, friends, and a roof over our heads. It has been great meeting many of you, sharing stories, and enjoying your treats and coffees. Thank you for making this career so fun, heartening, and personable. J  For those I have not the privilege of meeting yet, I hope to do so in the near future.

May the Holidays bring you and your family peace, love, and harmony!

The Fountain Valley (FV) Market: The market has changed – whether it will shift to a full Buyer’s Market is yet to be seen, but we are definitely in a transition period.  Homes are staying longer on the market, listings are expiring, and prices are being reduced.

What it means to you as a Buyer: Lukewarm buyers are waiting for better pricing and more investors are staying on the sidelines. So you as a buyer have the upper hand now, if you have the right agent representation.

What it means to you as a Seller: The market has pulled back. All homes are staying longer on the market – and even expiring and getting rented out. If you need to move or convert your home equity into cash, then you must price it correctly. Let me work with you to get the best market price with a comprehensive marketing campaign.


If you need consultation or assistance in preparing your home for listing, please give us a call.  We have years of experience renovating, preparing, staging, and selling homes at any condition and budget.  We have also have well-qualified buyers who are ready to deal privately as necessary.

Thank you for reading!
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