South Fountain Valley Real Estate Update July 2018

The South Fountain Valley FV Market:

The South FV single family home market is still going strong, while other areas are wavering. Even with interest rates climbing to 4.75%-4.875%, homes are still selling. However, more attached homes (i.e.: townhouses, condos) are closing below listed:  50% in June vs 30% in May and 16% in April). This is a similar trend for other areas such as South HB as well.

What it means to you as a Buyer:

You are in a better position than you were in the beginning of the year if you are an attached home buyer.

What it means to you as a Seller:

The stats may not completely show it but many of us realtors who have behind-the-scene information on offers and transactions believe this is the last summer before the market changes.


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