A New Year But Seems Like It Remains a Seller’s Market!

Happy New Year!! The seasonality has finally hit the real estate market… well part of it anyways. The 4-bedroom home medium price in Fountain Valley dropped from $880,000 to $792,500 in December 2017, while the 3-bedroom home median prices held between $735,000 to $750,000 since July 2017. Even though there is a dip in the 4-bedroom homes, I suspect prices will bounce back very quickly due to the continued home shortage. With the Dow Jones breaking records and economy confidence ever stronger, demand is expected to continue. Based on the past 4 months, the of # listings in FV/N.HB is 108, less than 126 in the same period of Sep-Dec 2016.  Early Jan 2018 shows a trending like last year, meaning: another year of seller’s market.

MWU Newsletter 2018-01 New Listings Table
MWU Newsletter 2018-01 Main Graph

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